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Accurate, Timely Data From Remote and Affected Locations


When disaster strikes hard-to-reach areas, start understanding the impact to your portfolio with the same data provider trusted by the world’s leading humanitarian organizations.
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Premise provides persistent access to remote and affected locations through a global community of more than 4.5 million local data Contributors, managed through a mobile app and digital marketplace.:

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Any Insights, Any Place, Any Time

By having continuous, geolocated, ground-level visibility into some of the hardest-to-reach parts of the world, Premise customers are able to more accurately assess risks and more efficiently respond to loss events or catastrophes.

On-Demand Reporting

Access near-real-time insights to reduce risk and uncertainty.

Global Context Visibility

Track instability indicators and local sentiment and stay a step ahead of potential unrest.

Specific Location Surveys

Turn questions you have into tasks for local Contributors to complete.

Hyper-local Community Mapping

Target your tasks precisely to better allocate resources to specific areas.

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Ground-level visibility, anywhere on Earth

Direct Observations

Gain qualitative, quantitative, and photographic reports and data from specific areas of interest within hours.


Example: Deploying tasks to understand the status of reconstruction following the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.

location discovery - direct observations

Daily Sentiment Monitoring

Track changes in atmospherics, including instability indicators, at global, regional, and site-specific levels.


Example: Gathering global sentiment data on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy.

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Point-of-Interest Appraisal

Continuously monitor critical assets, deploy real-time needs assessments, and validate POI/satellite data.


Example: Conducting site appraisals in Kiev, Ukraine to assess asset condition and security in 2022.

location discovery - Point-of-Interest Appraisal

Global Data in One Simple Platform

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In 128 countries and 37 languages, Premise helps everyday people earn money by completing retail execution tasks right in the areas they live. Got a smartphone? You can join the community too.

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Premise In The Field

Unilever utilizes Premise to map first-mile supply chain in remote areas of Indonesia

Global CPG brand uses Premise to monitor retail execution in Brazil
Major Plant-Based Meat Brand Leverages Premise to Define Global Expansion Strategy

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