Data for Every Decision™

How Premise Works

Our global network delivers real-time, real-world insights that provide leaders with decision-making capabilities. Ask us anything, about anywhere and we’ll deliver actionable data to help your organization develop winning strategies you can trust.


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Do you trust the data behind your most important decisions?

With the onset of the data revolution, overt data sources are becoming increasingly valuable. Arming yourself with ground truth data, or direct observations is critical. It equips you with the accurate, timely and actionable intelligence you need.

Premise has hundreds of thousands of real people crowdsourcing data worldwide giving you access to a whole new world of data. Unlike some methods of crowdsourcing, Premise uses targeted tasks to collect information via a network of local citizens. Our task-oriented, incentivized data capture generates structured inputs that enable a rigorous signal analysis of more complex questions.

With four easy steps, we can get you the data you need, quickly, efficiently and effectively.

1. Configure

Premise quickly transforms your questions, from the most basic to the most challenging into tasks.

Through the Premise Platform, we are able to create campaigns quickly and easily based on geography, demographics and your data collection goals.




With the help of in-country contractors we are able to ensure that local differences are factored into our task collection process.


Our app has been adapted so that it works in different regions and integrates with regional payment providers.

Task Targeting.

We can target tasks by Contributor demographics or geographics to ensure that the right people in the right place are completing your tasks.


premise app

2. Collect

Using our Contributor Network tasks are distributed in the Premise task marketplace and managed in real-time.

Readily available through Google Play and iTunes, our app enables rapid acquisition and activation of Contributors. The app provides guidance, feedback and rewards for successful actions and works when connected on- or offline.




In-App Training.

We use a number of techniques through our proprietary app to train users on how to perform tasks, answer questions and take photos.



Premise employs a micropayment model based on the difficulty of the task. Payment can be used to incentivize Contributors to complete tasks quicker and ensure higher quality submissions.

Barcode Scans

Our app allows users to scan barcodes so you can get the specific information you need on the ground.

3. Quality Control

Contributor findings are processed with a combination of manual and automatic quality control and fraud detection processes.

Premise’s platform uses manual and automatic quality control mechanisms to ensure your data is the highest quality.



Using machine learning we’re able to ensure that each submission is valid and is not falsifying the data.

Location Verification.

Contributors can travel to different locations and provide precise coordinates, and our QC process ensures those coordinates are accurate.

Image Analysis.

Our process ensures that photos are of high quality, not blurry or from a computer, and of the correct subject so you don’t have to worry.

premise app

4. Visualize

Once the data is verified by our rigorous quality controls it becomes accessible in your dashboard.

Let your data speak for itself through visualizations in customized dashboards where you can drill down into each data point or download your data directly and input it into your existing systems.





Customized Dashboards.

View your data the way its best for you, whether that is a table, heat map or photo gallery, etc.

Raw Data Export.

We allow for multiple file export types so you can input your data into your own systems.