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Technology has revolutionized the way we can access regions around the globe, including data. Through mobile technology, you can crowdsource the specific data you need from around the globe quickly and without breaking the bank.

Measure and Monitor Virtually Anything

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Across 135 countries and counting, Premise can measure and monitor virtually anything you need to know. From the effectiveness of advertising campaigns to the real reasons behind vaccine hesitancy. Here’s just a fraction of what we’ve uncovered.

Get Closer to the Source

How Trustworthy Is Your Data?

All contributions, whether designed to capture human sentiment or direct observation, are processed by multiple layers of machine learning to validate results prior to analysis (geo-verification, identity validation, image resolution, image subject, anti-fraud). Finally, data analysis informs breathtaking visualization tools to yield actionable results and enable clients to allocate resources efficiently.

When looking to get granular, ground-level data, Premise excels above competitors due to four critical areas: quality, speed, cost, and coverage.

How Premise Works

Premise Is a Two-way Global Marketplace for High-Quality Data

Premise offers an alternative to traditional data collection methods such as time-intensive polls/surveys, or costly direct observation capture in the field. Applying proven recruitment strategies, Premise can quickly stand up a relevant Contributor base, leverage our existing public network of thousands of respondents, or partner with clients to create a private respondent network to collect targeted insights.

Want to Discover Why Leading Companies All Over the Globe Trust Premise to Help Them Make Data-Driven Business Decisions?

Trusted by Leaders Who Drive Growth

Xande Werneck

LATAM Regional Modern Trade Category Manager

“Our experience with Premise has been fantastic. For the very first time, we can now track our category strategies across LATAM through one partner. It’s great how we can see the data market by market - or zoom into a single store and inspect the photos ourselves.

It’s also really refreshing to work with a team who will adapt to each of my market’s different requirements. The flexibility is brilliant.”

Andrew Wilcox

Senior Manager, Sustainable Sourcing and Digital Programmes

“Individuals, either as a consumer or part of an organisation, can often feel helpless in the face of challenges like deforestation or climate change. Our partnership with Premise is changing that, by inviting regular people on the ground to help us follow the journey raw materials take in the first mile of the supply chain.

We believe our pilot in Aceh is the world’s first case of large-scale crowdsourcing technology being applied to commodity sourcing. Technology is a powerful enabler of supply chain traceability and transparency, and crowdsourcing and partnerships are critical to building the capabilities Unilever, and the world, urgently needs to tackle deforestation.”

Ken Ueda

Vice President, Insights and Analytics

“When we deal with business questions that we need quick answers to, we partner with Premise to gain actionable insights.

The fact that we can walk through step-by-step to handle our requests and the personal attention we receive is fantastic. They offer a convenient, efficient, and fast service that brings value to our department initiatives.”

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