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Special Report: Price Monitoring Landscape in Emerging Markets

Gain Competitive Intelligence with Granular Pricing Data

For many consumer goods companies, the next wave of exponential growth is within developing markets. One of the ways that can be done is by monitoring changes in near-real-time.

In this special report we cover the:

  • challenges of gathering accurate data
  • value of pricing data
  • pricing in emerging markets
  • types of data points to monitor and collect

Why Premise?

Premise is a two-way global marketplace for high-quality data.

Premise offers an alternative to traditional data collection methods such as time-intensive polls/surveys, or costly direct observation capture in the field. Applying proven recruitment strategies, Premise can quickly stand up a relevant Contributor base, leverage our existing public network of thousands of respondents, or partner with clients to create a private respondent network to collect targeted insights.

Looking to improve your strategy? Add Ground Truth data into your decision-making process.

Premise has hundreds of thousands of real people crowdsourcing data worldwide giving you access to a whole new world of insights.

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