International Development

On-demand Data for Social and Behavior Change

Every sector within international development uses social and behavior change (SBC) activities. Premise offers the ability to collect real-time data, including in hard to reach areas, to help customers design, test, implement, monitor, and evaluate activities across SBC approaches.


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We provide insights to:

Move beyond the limitations of traditional data collection

Existing tools do not capture the granular, comprehensive data needed at scale

Premise enables organizations to understand user experience, access to services, sentiment and behavior change by demographics.

There is no all-in-one data collection and visualization solution with an existing “audience”

Premise makes the data lifecycle easy by combining software for managing data collection and analysis and a network of citizens to collect the data.

Field data collection is often reliant on field-level workers and volunteers, making it inefficient, time consuming, and costly to manage

Premise allows organizations to get data in real-time and complete collection in as little as seven days.

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Data from around the world in one simple platform

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Modernize your data collection and enhance evidence-based decision-making

Segment your audience

Quantify experiences, attitudes, desires, needs and behaviors by demographic, behaviors, and norms on any topic.

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Discover and validate locations

Discover and validate locations Understand environmental barriers that impact behavior change, such as access to infrastructure, including names, locations and attributes.

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Conduct A/B testing

Test different phrases, messaging strategies and media types to find out what resonates most with different audiences.

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Monitor misinformation and social media

Gain insights into where people get news and information and how information is interpreted. Ask contributors to identify social media influencers and indicate what messages or ideas are being communicated.

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Evaluate impact

Survey populations over time to understand the impact of activities on behavioral and normative change.

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A new kind of data collection that allows you to make better decisions, faster.


Premise quickly transforms your questionsfrom the most basic to the most challenginginto tasks. Based on your specific needs, we create a data acquisition campaign to crowdsource the answers.

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Case study

USAID Gains Insight in to COVID-19 Awareness Measures in Tunisia

USAID/Tunisia used Premise to monitor COVID-19 activities, including a national media campaign to educate the public regarding COVID-19 protection measures and a COVID-19 hotline providing counseling services to individuals facing COVID-19-related challenges. Premise engaged Contributors across the 24 governorates to gauge exposure to and intention for change of behavior as a result of specific messaging campaigns, as well as the awareness of the public hotline.