Data for Every Decision™

Insights, unlocked. Decisions, empowered.

By combining the power of a global network of Contributors with industry-leading data science and machine learning, we’re democratizing the way actionable data is sourced and used.


Common uses of Premise’s technology include:

Retail Audit.

Shopper Insights.

Points of Interest.

Supply Chain Visibility.

crowdsource market research

Unmatched Visibility

With millions of Contributors spanning across 125+ countries in even the most hard-to-reach areas, the visibility we provide is unparalleled.


Rapid Results

Our AI-driven tech automates rapid testing and iterations, which means we’re able to provide answers in a matter of days.


crowdsource market research
crowdsource market research

Cleaner Data

An abundance of visualization tools coupled with our machine learning algorithm ensures that we’re providing only the most digestible and error-free results.

Looking to Improve Your Strategy? Start Better Data.

Premise has hundreds of thousands of real people crowdsourcing data worldwide giving you access to a whole new world of insights.

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