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Premise Free Trial

Premise is excited to offer a limited trial of the platform to your organization for demonstration purposes. As part of the trial, full access to Premise will be provided, as well as support from the Premise team to set up and run a data collection campaign. Access will be provided through a welcome email with instructions on how to make an account.

In addition to the data from the trial data collection, you will also be given access to Premise’s Global Index data – a global catalog of 43 types of points of interest (POI) on critical infrastructure and basic services, as well as 31 recurring surveys covering factors related to quality of life.

The trial data collection campaign consists of complimentary credits to conduct a Survey, Locate or Explore task. There are no limits on the geography of the task within our network of 135+ countries. Refer to the table below to gain an understanding of the task types available and the total amount of submissions your free trial will include.

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Available Task Types

Task: Survey

Task: Locate

Task: Explore

Task Description

Sentiment survey Self-directed observation Directed observation

Example Task

Contributors answer
a series of questions
around a particular topic.
Contributors collect
photographic observations
of a location, point of
interest or product, record
the location and answer
a few basic questions
about operations, services
and/or quality.
Contributors travel to a
predefined place (address
or lat/long) or area (polygon)
to collect photographic
observations, record the
location and answer a few basic
questions about operations,
services and/or quality.


Default sampling is national
level by gender and geography
(urban/rural). Sub-national
level sampling is available
but without gender and
geographic sub-samples.
Targeting is available at
the national or state level.
Targeting is available using
Premise’s existing POI
database or using location
data provided by the client.

Max Number of Questions

15-25 10-15 10-15


100 total submissions 50 total submissions 25 total submissions

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The Process

In order to conduct the trial, you may either provide a pre-defined survey instrument or generate one in conjunction with Premise. Our team of Survey Methodologists can provide example form templates from our task library to guide instrument creation.

For Premise to create a survey instrument on your behalf, we will need to understand the following three aspects:


  • Content: What is the desired data and analytics goal for this free trial? For example, what will the data allow your business to accomplish or gain insight into? Who is the intended audience for the data and what decisions would you like to make from it? Information on what you are hoping to gain insight on or asses by using the Premise will aid us in our design.


  • Demographic Group: Are there specific demographic groups or populations that are of particular interest for this task? Are there any consumer segments or behavioral profiles you would like to target? Demographic parameters include age range, gender, religious affiliation, ethnicity, primary language, marital status, living situation, employment status, financial situation and residency classification (urban, suburban, rural). Consumer segments and behavioral profiles include groups such as primary shoppers, car owners, frequent travelers, smokers, etc.


  • Geographic Area: What geographic area would you like to target for the data collection?
    [For Explore tasks] Will you provide the information to map the required areas for the Explore Task or will Premise create the areas?

Once Premise has coded the survey instrument, you will be able to review the task under the “Tasks” banner.


Upon approval of the task design, the Premise team will configure the campaign, localize the task into appropriate local languages and deploy the task to the relevant Contributor marketplaces, based on your task and sampling requirements.


For a Survey task, allow for a data collection timeframe of up to 7 days. For Locate and Explore tasks, allow for a timeframe of up to 14 days.

The Deliverables

Using Premise, you will be able to monitor your data collection in near real-time as submissions are evaluated and approved by our automated, manual and AI-based quality control features. You will also be able to invite colleagues to your dataset using the “Invite” banner on the Homepage.


Once data collection has been completed, you can explore the results under “Task Results” for charts and graphs. Under “Task Submissions,” you can view the data geospatially and drill into individual Contributor responses. You can filter all views on time frame, geography, demographics as well as individual responses to questions.


As part of the trial, Premise will also present the most pertinent findings and/or create a customized dashboard to fit your analysis needs. If you have particular data visualization requirements for the dashboard, please communicate these to the Premise team ahead of time so we can accommodate your request.

We provide insights to:

A new kind of data collection that allows you to make better decisions, faster.


Premise quickly transforms your questionsfrom the most basic to the most challenginginto tasks. Based on your specific needs, we create a data acquisition campaign to crowdsource the answers.

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Case study

Gates Foundation Uses Premise to Monitor Vaccine Service Delivery in Areas of Poor System Performance

To improve immunization coverage in Kinshasa Province, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, used Premise to identify where service deficiencies were likely driving immunization deficits. Contributors were tasked with validating private sector facility locations, collecting data on facility attributes, and performing immunization session exit interviews and household visits.