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Map Data Collection Survey Overview

Premise is conducting street map data collection surveys with vehicles around the world to collect images of street map data to use for the improvement of navigable street maps. Vehicle surveys may use equipment and/or devices inside of the vehicle for capture purposes. We may periodically revisit and re-collect data in some of those locations in an effort to maintain a high-quality, up-to-date map.

Premise is committed to protecting your privacy while conducting these map data collection surveys. For example, we will censor faces and license plates on images that were collected to be used as surrogate sources for the purpose of updating navigable street maps. If you have comments or questions about this process or your privacy rights, please contact us.

For more details on how Premise protects your privacy click here.

For examples of the Premise street map data collection survey images click here.

See below for map data collection survey geography information and estimated time frame for the data collection efforts where we will be mapping the world and potentially your neighborhood. You can see a full list of countries where we are conducting map data collection survey data here.


US Coverage

Washington DC

UK Coverage

South Hampton


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