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What is the Global Index?

Understanding the quality of life of local citizens goes beyond measuring GDP. Premise’s Global Index is a purpose-built longitudinal and observational dataset sourced directly from local community members in 125+ countries. The indicators Premise collects help measure economic and social development around the globe to provide insight into the well-being, viewpoints, and attitudes of citizens.

Premise’s Global Index includes dozens of sentiment surveys on topics such as satisfaction with governance, formal and informal institutions, access to and quality of basic services, and opinions on an array of social, economic, commercial, and environmental issues. The surveys are deployed on a monthly recurring basis to allow for longitudinal data gathering with sample sizes set at a minimum of 400 responses per country. The sample size allows the data to achieve an approximately 95% statistical significance with a margin of error of 5% at the individual country level.

Additionally, observational tasks complement survey tasks through mapping observational data of facilities, shops, infrastructure, and other environmental indicators of quality of life. Thousands of points of interest are mapped and updated every day by Premise’s on-the-ground network. Premise’s Global Index is continuously being updated in real time with sentiment questions and point-of-interest data.

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How do our partners use the Global Index?

Premise’s Global Index provides our customers with leading indicators on how communities around the world are feeling and changing. With dozens of monthly recurring surveys, Premise’s partners use the Index to pulse- check macro-level developments ranging from access to prenatal care to the reliability of electricity. Changes in sentiment are aggregated, analyzed, and visualized on the national, regional, and sub-regional level, allowing users to drill into sentiment on different spatial resolutions. In addition to tracking change over time, the Global Index is paired with Premise’s demographic data, allowing one to identify and test for significant differences in opinion based on demographic characteristics.

When there is a significant change in a community’s opinion or beliefs on a topic, an alert is automatically surfaced to users as part of their software subscription. Alerts can be tailored to your organization’s interests and methodological needs, including filtering alerts according to a requisite sample size, percentage of change difference, and varying statistical significance levels. Alerts can be configured across all sentiment forms and even individual questions. These automated alerts enable global and local insights without any manual effort or analytical support. Changes in sentiment can be explored within Premise to quickly understand which demographics are driving these changes. Monitoring shifts in citizens’ opinions in real time enables users to make timely decisions, or to deploy more tailored surveys to gain deeper insights.

Lastly, our point-of-interest dataset maps locations around the world. Point-of-interest data are typically very perishable; businesses often turn over and facilities often change their service offerings. Premise’s Global Index point-of-interest data can be used as an authoritative, foundational data layer to collect rich and up-to-date attributes about a location. The dataset also allows our partners to build additional points of interest on top of the location data already collected by Premise.

As the dataset maps access to facilities and places, it can be utilized as a reference point to determine the quality of life in a given area. For instance, knowing the density of hospitals and clinics in a community can help organizations identify populations with little or no health care coverage. Similarly, the dataset allows inferences regarding the atmospherics about places, such as if the points of interest experience heavy foot traffic or are considered safe — critical factors for many international businesses.

Global Index Task Overview

Below are the various tasks Premise deploys to our Contributor network in 125+ countries and 37+ languages.


Survey Tasks



Civic Participation
Law Enforcement
News Media & Information
Rule of Law


Basic Services

Electricity, Heating, and Cooling
Internet & Mobile Phones
Internet Use & Freedom
Health Care
Health Insurance
Health Education
Water & Sanitation
Food Security
Emergency Preparedness



Jobs & Livelihoods
Doing Business
Financial Institutions

Consumer Habits

Sports & Entertainment
Exercise & Nutrition*
Food Delivery Apps*
Rideshare Services*
Social Media Usage*

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The Process

In order to conduct the trial, you may either provide a pre-defined survey instrument or generate one in conjunction with Premise. Our team of Survey Methodologists can provide example form templates from our task library to guide instrument creation.

For Premise to create a survey instrument on your behalf, we will need to understand the following three aspects:


  • Content: What is the desired data and analytics goal for this free trial? For example, what will the data allow your business to accomplish or gain insight into? Who is the intended audience for the data and what decisions would you like to make from it? Information on what you are hoping to gain insight on or asses by using the Premise will aid us in our design.


  • Demographic Group: Are there specific demographic groups or populations that are of particular interest for this task? Are there any consumer segments or behavioral profiles you would like to target? Demographic parameters include age range, gender, religious affiliation, ethnicity, primary language, marital status, living situation, employment status, financial situation and residency classification (urban, suburban, rural). Consumer segments and behavioral profiles include groups such as primary shoppers, car owners, frequent travelers, smokers, etc.


  • Geographic Area: What geographic area would you like to target for the data collection?
    [For Explore tasks] Will you provide the information to map the required areas for the Explore Task or will Premise create the areas?

Once Premise has coded the survey instrument, you will be able to review the task under the “Tasks” banner.


Upon approval of the task design, the Premise team will configure the campaign, localize the task into appropriate local languages and deploy the task to the relevant Contributor marketplaces, based on your task and sampling requirements.


For a Survey task, allow for a data collection timeframe of up to 7 days. For Locate and Explore tasks, allow for a timeframe of up to 14 days.

The Deliverables

Using Premise, you will be able to monitor your data collection in near real-time as submissions are evaluated and approved by our automated, manual and AI-based quality control features. You will also be able to invite colleagues to your dataset using the “Invite” banner on the Homepage.


Once data collection has been completed, you can explore the results under “Task Results” for charts and graphs. Under “Task Submissions,” you can view the data geospatially and drill into individual Contributor responses. You can filter all views on time frame, geography, demographics as well as individual responses to questions.


As part of the trial, Premise will also present the most pertinent findings and/or create a customized dashboard to fit your analysis needs. If you have particular data visualization requirements for the dashboard, please communicate these to the Premise team ahead of time so we can accommodate your request.

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Premise quickly transforms your questionsfrom the most basic to the most challenginginto tasks. Based on your specific needs, we create a data acquisition campaign to crowdsource the answers.

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Case study

Gates Foundation Uses Premise to Monitor Vaccine Service Delivery in Areas of Poor System Performance

To improve immunization coverage in Kinshasa Province, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, used Premise to identify where service deficiencies were likely driving immunization deficits. Contributors were tasked with validating private sector facility locations, collecting data on facility attributes, and performing immunization session exit interviews and household visits.