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For CPG and FMCG brands to make informed decisions, it’s important to incorporate insights gathered in real time, from eye level, at scale. The key to obtaining this data is to set up intelligent in-store retail execution.

In this checklist, you’ll learn how to maximize your retail execution across your products, pricing, placement, and promotion with validated in-store data and competitive insights that your category needs so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Edge out your competitors with Premise’s all-in-one solution for non-alcoholic beverages.


We Provide Insights To

We Provide Insights To


“Our experience with Premise has been fantastic. For the very first time, we can now track our category strategies across LATAM through one partner. It’s great how we can see the data market by market – or zoom into a single store and inspect the photos ourselves.

It’s also really refreshing to work with a team who will adapt to each of my market’s different requirements. The flexibility is brilliant.”


Xande Werneck
LATAM Regional Modern Trade Category Manager

Get Ahead of Your Competition with Premise

Distribution Tracker

Track product distribution and pricing to understand gaps in the market and track progress month over month.

Rapid Growth

Identify outlets that sell competitor products – but not yours – to generate immediate leads and new opportunities.

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Executional Fundamentals

Discover immediate fixes to your retail execution with actionable, verified, same-day data from your most important outlets.

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Perfect Store

Elevate your execution to global standards, ensuring every major store reaches its full sales potential, week after week.

Promotional Monitor

Understand how your promotions are performing while they’re still active, in near real-time.