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How Coca-Cola Minimizes Out-of-Stocks With Product Presence Insights

Sarah Niderost | August 31, 2022 | In-Store Solutions

At the beginning of 2020, stores everywhere ran out of essential inventory. These temporary out-of-stocks affected nearly all categories of consumer goods around the world, resulting in price increases and persistent product shortages. Situations like these continue to persist in today’s marketplace.

Out-of-stocks are a common fear for CPG brands. They can happen anywhere in the supply chain, and can lead to lost sales, lower customer satisfaction, and missed opportunities to increase market share. But there are cost-effective ways to get detailed & timely data to manage several retailers at once.


Out-of-stocks can occur for a good deal of reasons including:

  • Poor inventory management
  • Poor communication with retailers
  • Lack of efficiency in replenishment and reordering inventory
  • Inefficient forecasting processes due to lack of data, such as historical sales


Read on to discover how Coca-Cola minimizes stockouts with Product Presence Insights.

Discover exactly where distribution needs improving

When you have out-of-stocks, the retailer can have extra shelf space that could be filled with more inventory, and in the worst case scenario, someone else’s products. You always need to know where and how much of your products are available. Many companies rely upon third party distributors to document product availability, however, they have little to no data.


With a platform that provides real time outlet-level data, you can discover exactly where you need to improve product distribution all the way down to the specific store level

Track competitor availability

If your products are out of stock, there’s a possibility that shoppers will purchase from your competitor instead. Rather than waiting on distributors to report how your products are selling compared to your competitor’s, you can get actionable distribution insights to help drive new and effective distribution strategies.

Fix out of stocks with actionable same-day data

The first step for any manufacturer looking to increase sales is to ensure that their products are always available to customers in retail outlets. However, they don’t have data about whether their products are available for purchase. 

With Premise, you can leverage gaps in the market and fix out-of-stocks with actionable same-day data. Instead of waiting on your distributors to report on your product distributions, you can access out-of-stock insights in real time.


Take the guesswork out of restocks and retail execution strategies. Use technology that mobilizes communities of global smartphone users to source actionable data in real-time, cost-effectively, and with the visibility needed. Premise helps you easily track product distribution with an easy-to-use platform. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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